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Who we are?

MAY Global Health Ltd (“MAY” or the “Company”) is an Israeli company owned by experienced entrepreneurs and medical experts who bring an im-pressive track record of delivering results.

Management team, shareholders, and Scientific Board

The Company's shareholders are Mr. Avi Friedman, Globrands Ltd (Israel) ,Mor Genetics Ltd (Israel) and Mr.Rolando Shwartzber. All directors have an active role in management. The board of directors is composed of a team of highly seasoned professionals:

Mr. Avi Friedman, acts as the Company's Managing Director. He brings to the team over 20 years of experience in successful development of international technology ventures and knows what is required to forge winning relationships with stakeholders in order to lead a venture to success. He has served as a director of the board of a number of industrial, investment, technology and commercial companies of various sizes. Mr. Friedman holds a BA in political science from Tel Aviv University (Israel), a BA in business administration from Maryland State University (USA), and an MBA from Southwestern University in Washington DC (USA).

Mr. Yaron Gazit, , Director, is an experienced entrepreneur and the owner of Globrands Ltd, one of the shareholders of MAY. Mr. Gazit acquired Globrands in 2001 and has subsequently managed to increase the revenue by a factor of nine, which today has reached over $300 million and places the company as one of Israel's leading importers and distribution networks for food and beverages. Prior to that he served as the country director for Israel of R.J.Reynolds, a multi-billion dollar food conglomerate in the USA. Mr. Gazit held several senior executive positions in the Israeli food industry, including Coca-Cola. He holds a BA in industrial management from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel and an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Israel).

Prof. Mordechai Shohat, Director, is the Company's medical expert and brings to the team decades of medical expertise in a number of areas. He is a Professor in pediatrics and genetics at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and Managing Director of the Raphael Recanati Genetic Institute of the Rabin Medical Center, one of Israel's leading hospitals. He has published over 260 original scientific articles, 22 review articles, 11 case reports and has written two books. Prof. Shohat has extensive experience in directing and conducting comprehensive courses, such as in medical genetics. He is a member of the Israeli, American and European societies of medical genetics and a member of the national counseling committee of the Ministry of Health.

Mr. Rolando Shwartzber, Director, is a graduate in hotel management. Prior to joining the company he was the owner and managing director of a large lilies farm. He has a thorough understanding of European markets and in doing business across borders. He speaks seven languages and has strong negotiation skills combined with experience in project management and project logistics.

The Company's Scientific Board is composed of a number of medical experts from a variety of relevant backgrounds. Prof. Shohat is also the chairman of the Scientific Board.

Expertise of our team

MAY is led by an experienced and highly qualified management team. We value ethical behavior and discretion in customer relationship management above all, having in mind the building of fruitful long-term relationships with our clients.

Building on Israel's excellent reputation as a center of excellence in health-care – ranging from hospital administration to genetic research – our customers benefit not only from Israel's excellent international reputation in the area of healthcare. Moreover, the management team has high level government, academic and healthcare related contacts in our country. Our team brings decades of experience and medical expertise to every assignment we participate in. Above all, we count on:

  • Scientific board of directors of senior experts in a broad array of medical areas, in particular in the area of genetics.
  • Highly skilled and professional team of instructors to train local staff who will be in charge of operating the new facilities and equipment.
  • High level of financial stability as the company is backed by financially sound shareholders, one of which includes a leading consumer goods trading company in Israel.
  • Extensive network of contacts to public health experts in Israel up to the government level.
  • Highly qualified business partners in Israel who are all experts in their specific field of activity. The Company may subcontract specific tasks to business partners provided they are the most qualified for the job.

In particular, the company counts on the expertise of leading consultants in medical imaging, especially in the area of MRI. Our contractors, with whom we have exclusive business relationships, are considered senior experts in the planning, acquisition and installation of medical equipment for hospitals and other medical organizations.

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