usiness model

Business model

Our remuneration is a function of the scope and the type of the infrastructure implemented, but is always custom-tailored to the situation and compatible with customer requirements. Possible services and types of remuneration are:

  • Advisory services. Type of consulting: Assessment of existing infrastructure, planning of new or upgrading of infrastructure, medical advisory services and other consulting. Type of remuneration: fixed or hourly service fee with retainer.
  • Management services. Type of management: Administration of facilities such as hospitals, clinics, or institutes. Type of remuneration: monthly management fee, depending on the scope of the management responsibility and authority.
  • Turnkey projects. Type of projects: Coordination and management of the construction of any type of infrastructure. The project design specifies what will be built. We deliver the facility turnkey ready and charge for the delivery of the whole completed project without the costumer having to worry about dealing with construction companies and equipment suppliers.
  • BOO/BOT projects. We have the ability to not only deliver infrastructure turnkey ready, but also to operate equipment and entire facilities and healthcare compounds. The whole infrastructure is financed by us, but the government grants us the right to charge patients for the treatment received through the BOT/BOO facility.
  • Other forms of cooperation are possible, such as public/private partnerships (PPP), and joint ventures, but the scope of services and remuneration need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Financing types

Typically, projects we work on are financed in the following ways, where MAY may assist in obtaining financing as part of the overall project assignment:

  • Government financing of the country where the infrastructure will be set up.
  • Private financing obtained from MAY, third-party companies or funds in the client's country.
  • PPP in which financing and operations are shared between our company, private companies in the country of the client and the government of the client.
  • Grants, loans and equity financing obtained from international organizations or third-party countries. MAY assists in sourcing such international financing.

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