enter of Excellence

Israel is a center of excellence in healthcare

Over the past decades, Israel has become a successful exporter to emerging countries in a number of economic sectors: defense, agriculture, education, water/wastewater treatment. In all these sectors Israeli experts have gained the reputation of being quality leaders throughout the globe.

The assistance that Israel as a state provides to emerging and developing countries is characterized by direct assistance to governments. As a result of governmental assistance, the private sector starts to forge private initiatives, ventures and cooperation with private companies and organizations in emerging economies.

Israel is considered a state in which the level of the healthcare system and the standard of medical research are among the highest worldwide.

MAY is envisioned as a catalyst and platform in which, as a private compa-ny, it offers emerging and developing countries access to medical know-how and best practices gained in Israel with the aim of implementing a similar infrastructure in the countries of our clients. We can utilize the know-how and the skilled workforce which exist in Israel and adapt them for use in other countries.

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